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February 2020

New! Forty years of Pascal and Delphi Programming

July 2017

29 million addresses in an iPhone

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On the Writing for page

So You want to be a Games Developer
So You want to be a Multi-player Games Developer
My Game Design/Programming career
Battle of the Bulge Design Notes
Dark Empire Design Notes
Johnny Reb II Design Notes

Web Programming Articles

About web robots
Writing a web-robot in Delphi 5-7
Adventures in ASP.NET (2008) The first Installment.

Other Articles

New Multi threaded C# for TCP/IP. How I programmed a full duplex iPhone client using Threads.

High CPU on Windows 2008 R2 with WMIPRVSE Solved. For one weekend this was very vexing.

Is Domain slamming a scam? I keep getting letters from a certain company.

Act on Co2, global warming is a scam Please link so we can get this top of the search for google for Act on co2.

Good practices on the Internet Tips about using ISP's Email accounts and registering domains

A weird SEO Scam Just for website owners
Why We Need ID Cards A reaction to a Home Office article.

A sophisticated scam email Don't get taken in!
(Satire) Health and Safety renamed to Fear of being Sued
(Parody) New Lyrics by XTC Northern Rock (is going to help me)
Easy way to generate a strong password
Euro Business Guide is a scam - A standard for site submission
Mentos and Diet Coke experiments to be banned
Build Your own EMP Generator
Averting Global Warming
Protecting your Personal Data
List of Infringing Words in the London 2012 Olympics
Bad Amendments to the Computer Misuse Act 1990


Review of Pivot blogging software

New Game Project

The new Casus Belli
Casus Belli Design
Casus Belli Map Generator Code + Article
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